In 1913 Annie Beal emigrated from Yorkshire England to be with her Husband George, a Carpenter.

George (having arrived sometime earlier) and Annie together raised five children, three boys and two girls.

George and Annie’s three sons Allan, George and Sam were Carpenters.

Allan and Edith had six children, Kevin and his brothers Bryan, Alan and Geoffrey all worked as Carpenters and Joiners at various times during their working lives.

Today, Graeme and David, the son’s of Kevin Eastwood carry on the tradition, they’re Carpenters.

Graeme’s son Jason is one of our Masters Apprentices right now.

You may have heard the expression ‘It’s in the blood’. We know that expression to be true.

Eastwood Heritage.


Eastwood Heritage takes grass roots candidates and via the carpentry trade, equips them to be first and foremost tradesmen, real tradesmen.

Then, as they choose, we train them to be foremen, supervisors and on site project managers to successfully deliver heritage related construction projects throughout Victoria.

Some choose to keep away from management and remain ‘on the tools’ and we encourage that too.

Over twenty five years we’ve discovered that this is the best approach. It ensures that our culture of build quality, safety and communication is engendered in our staff from the outset.

We work together with owners, architects, engineers, developers, historians and planners to maintain heritage properties and bring new heritage projects to life.

There’s another expression “birds of a feather, flock together”

Interestingly, through our tradesmen’s friendship groups, we’ve found other trades, Bricklayers, Masons, Solid Plasterers and others, all sharing the same passion for Heritage properties.

We value and appreciate our tradesmen with all their talent and experience, and we make sure that they have an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ just as they were taught by older tradesmen, some more than forty years ago.

Our Vision

To provide a construction company to the market that is deftly experienced in Heritage buildings.

A company of tradesmen and women that are passionate, deliberate, compliant and affordable.

We achieve this vision by employing apprentices and carefully supporting our senior tradesmen to mentor them as they progress through their apprenticeships. Once their training is complete, new tradesmen work under our senior staff to gain the necessary skills to achieve and maintain our business vision.

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